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Our website is back!

27 дек. 2021 г.

The new website is the work of Sergey Torubarov and Artem Torubarov

Great news! Our website is back! It has a modern look, a vibrant feel, updated content, and is open to the public. All materials created by Xenia Muratova have been preserved and moved to the new site.

The new website is the work of Sergey Torubarov and Artem Torubarov (New York), who spent countless hours recreating the site and making it user-friendly for all to work with. Now we are able to easily edit, add and remove text to the site, as well as photos and pictures. The site will be a great source of material about Pavel Muratov and eventually about Xenia Muratova.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Sergey and Artem for volunteering their time and talents to create this website that will re-introduce the public to Pavel Muratov –a wonderful writer, historian of Art, and philosopher.

Pavel Muratov was largely a forgotten figure even in Russia, which he left after the revolution. He was never well-known in the West because his best-known books were never translated. Just last year, his books “Images of Italy” have been published in Italian and an English translation was completed by Prof. Lena Lencik, and is scheduled to come out in 2022. These new translations of Muratov’s books in English and Italian more than 100 years after they first appeared in Russian will allow P. Muratov to ‘meet’ his English speaking and Italian speaking readers for the first time.

Once again, our sincere thanks and appreciation go to Sergey and Artem Torubarovs for their high professionalism and enthusiasm.

Olga I.Fookson, Ph.D. SchoolPlus Founding Director

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