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Membership Enrollment 2024

30 нояб. 2023 г.

We would be happy to have your support in this 2024!

Membership Enrollment 2024

The Liberassociazione Paolo Muratov/ The Pavel Muratov International Centre of Studies, founded in

2012 in Rome by Prof. Xenia М. Muratova, is back to being a fully operational reality, which has

produced results described in detail - as well as its mission statement – in the website of the Centre


We would be happy to have your support in this 2024 as well!

Membership fee for 2024

For residents in the West:

you can pay by bank transfer made out to Liberassociazione Paolo Muratov, IBAN IT26 Z

02008 05219 000106049934, BIC UNCRITM178L (Unicredit Banca. Filiale Roma Viale Libia.

ag01748, Piazza Gimma, 14, 00199) specifying name, surname, address, posted as

"membership fee for 2024 to Liberassociazione Paolo Muratov". The payment should be

reported to Maria Teresa Badolati, Treasurer of the Association


In particular, we suggest US residents to consult with Prof. Lena Lenček (

who will suggest the best method of payment.

- Individual membership: 50€ /60$;

- Students and graduate students membership fee: 30€ / 36$;

- Organisations, institutions: 70€ / 85$;

- Sustaining (donors) members: 100€ / 130$, or higher.

In case you want to send a higher amount, or a donation, do it in the same bank transfer or in

a separate one, in which to indicate "Contribution for institutional purposes". Donations are

tax deductible in some countries, but not in Italy.

For residents in Russia

The fee can be credited to credit card no. 2202 2007 7670 9873, made out to Viktoriya

Saveleva, contact person of the Association for Russia, with the reason for payment: "chlenskij

vznos za 2024 g. Liberassociazione Paolo Muratov".

- Individual membership: 1000 rubles;

- Students and graduate students membership fee: 800 rubles;

- Organisations, institutions: 2000 rubles;

- Retired members: 500 rubles;

- Organisations, institutions: 2000 rubles;

- Supporting (donor) members: free contribution over 2500 rubles.

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