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Information about Members' activities (2022-2023)

29 февр. 2024 г.

Lena Lenček (Reed College, Oregon) finishes translation of the English version of Obrazy Italii under the title Evocations of Italy, forthcoming by Northwestern University Press (Evanston, iL).

Portraits of Pavel and Xenia Muratova, by the artist Georges De Canino.

May: Adelphi publishes the second volume of Immagini dell’Italia, edited by Rita Giuliani, translated by Alessandro Romano (311 pages, ILL).

Publication in the miscellany in honor of Prof. A. Karpov (University of St. Petersburg) of an essay by R. Giuliani on Muratov and the Baroque in "Images of Italy" (St. Petersburg, Rostok, 2021).

June 22: lecture at a cycle of doctoral conferences at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome on Pavel Muratov's "Images of Italy": a 70-year-long oblivion (R. Giuliani).

September: release of the volume Terze Letture Muratoviane (Naples 27-30 September 2017). Homage to Xenia Muratova, edited by R. Giuliani (Rome, Lithos, 348 p. ILL).

December: publication of the essay Images of Italy, a unicum in Russian literature (in Russian) in the 100th issue of the international journal of slavistics “Zbornik Matice srpske za slavistiku” (R. Giuliani).

December 14: evening at the House of Russian Emigration (Moscow) “Two heroines of one publication” dedicated to a posthumous work of Xenia Muratova, done in collaboration with Viktorija Savel’eva, on the painter Ol’ga Sacharova, published in the magazine “Tret’jakovskaja Galereja” No. 2, 2021б with the participation of some members of the Centre. A recording of the evening is available at 

December 19: Reactivation of the WEB site on Pavel Muratov:

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